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"Melanie is an honest and compassionate person with a heart of gold. She is loyal and tough, patient and tenacious. She will serve her constituents of NH well. They will be lucky and proud to have her serve their needs and concerns on today's toughest issues."

                                                                                                                    -Paula Mathers 



"Melanie has been involved in local and New Hampshire state politics for as long as I have known her. ...Melanie knows that I have always supported her, but I certainly have not always agreed with her. Though I often do. She always remembers my name and my son’s name. And quickly too! And she remembers details about our lives and always asks about us. She is a class act that could teach some national politicians a better way to truly listen and discuss things with people you don’t agree with all the time. Melanie, thanks!"

                                                                                                        - Gary Dietz



Melanie Levesque has a passion for her community with a real desire to help every one of her constituents. Her belief in "People First" signifies her true intention. As a public servant, she takes the time to hear all sides of issues and represents our communities with care and understanding. These are the reasons I support her candidacy and hope others will join in supporting her.                                                           

                                                                                                                - Cindy Perkins



Melanie has already served her constituents in Brookline, Hollis and Mason very well in her terms as a State Representative. I know Melanie will work hard in the New Hampshire Senate, and that she will effectively represent our values and will bring people together to find meaningful areas of agreement that bridge the partisan divide.

- Keith Thompson


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