On Jobs:

Melanie is committed to expanding job opportunities in the Granite State by investing in infrastructure. This includes roads, bridges, rail and the crucial expansion of reliable broadband internet into every corner of NH.  Providing a direct commuter train line to Boston will inspire young professionals to settle their families here and help retain our resources in the form of new graduates.

On Education:

The quality of our children's education shouldn't depend on their ZIP codes. In the State Senate, Melanie will work for quality education, regardless of a family's income, and resist programs that undermine the public school system like vouchers paid for by public tax revenue.


On Fiscal Policy: 

Like the families it serves, Melanie believes state government must live within its means. As a local business owner, Melanie is committed to delivering fundamental services without breaking the bank.  She has the experience needed to navigate a balanced budget while protecting the programs that enable our citizens to live with hope and opportunity for a strong future.  

On Bipartisanship:

Melanie is committed to working across party lines to address the opioid crisis, expanding healthcare options, protecting natural resources, enacting sensible gun laws that protect our children and supporting working families.  

On Energy and Environment: 

Melanie is committed to expanding New Hampshire's use of renewable-energy options, from protecting our beautiful natural resources and eco based tourism, to mitigating the impact of carbon emissions. She also believes NH can be a national leader in the renewable economy, creating thousands of well-paying, sustainable jobs for Granite State workers.

On the Opioid Crisis:

For the first time in our history, the majority of residents believe drug addiction is the most important issue facing our state.  Like many residents, Melanie has a personal connection to families who have been touched by addiction.  She demands efforts to strengthen local treatment and prevention options and expand programs that educate our children about the dangers of substance abuse.  In the State Senate, Melanie will also make sure that our police, EMTs and firefighters have the necessary resources and training.